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Using a Buyer Agent is FREE! AND NECESSARY

When it comes to real estate; the listing process is straight forward and easy to understand. But what about the buying process? As a buyer it is very important to have representation in a real estate transaction. The listing agent first and foremost is representing the seller. Their job is to sell that property for top dollar with their current clients best interests at heart- the seller. As a buyer you should have someone that you feel comfortable with; someone protecting you in a transaction. This is the biggest purchase most individuals will make. Make it a positive experience; not a financial nightmare. Here are some reasons you should use your own buyer agent.

1) They are FREE. That is right; it does not cost a buyer anything to use their own agent. The seller pays the sell side and buy side commission.

2) Access to MLS. Today's market is going crazy; you need access to listings right away. By the time listings are posted for the public, they could already have offers on them. Using a buyer agent gives you access to listings right away or even before they are listed. With the current market condition, you will need any leg up you can get.

3) Area Knowledge. Many people when they are moving, are relocating to another area; or buying a vacation or rental property. It is critical to know the area market. What are properties selling for? How long are they staying on the market? Your buyer agent will provide all this and more to you.

4) Local issues and differences. We deal in waterfront properties that have many differences to that of city subdivisions that are easily laid out and straight forward. We know the do's and don'ts of waterfront; such as permits, easements, right of ways, shore road allowances, lakefront development, septic systems, wells, lake water intake- just to name a few. Some of these concepts can be very overwhelming if you are unfamiliar with them. Your buyer agent needs to be aware of anything and everything that needs to be inspected and explored in your transaction.

5) Disclosures on the property. Your buyer agent wants to put you in the right property for you. They will research listings prior to booking showings for you and weed out the ones that will waste your time. Sometimes things are not what they seem.

As a buyer; you are a full client and just as important to us as a listing client. As a buyer you should interview agents just like a seller would. Ask questions; make sure the agent you choose is able to help you in all your needs. You need to be comfortable with your representation as you will be spending a lot of time together.

We highly value all of our clients and would love the opportunity to grow and expand our business. Call us today and see if we are the right agents for you!

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