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Haunted House? How Stigmas May Affect Its Value

Superstitions, stigmas and the supernatural – whether you believe in them or not, they can have a very real impact on how long it takes to sell your home and the price you’ll get for it. While the thought of a haunted house and other-worldly roommates can put the scare into some home buyers, others might consider these a blessing in disguise when it comes time to make an offer. What’s luck got to do with it? Read on to find out.

Got ghosts?

Most people would agree that living in a house where someone was murdered is on the creepy side, and it can certainly be enough to send hopeful homebuyers for the hills. As for haunted houses? Whether or not you believe in the paranormal, it can affect the decision to buy or run. Buyer beware: the seller has no legal obligation to disclose stigmas. Concerned home hunters should be proactive about asking questions, doing their research and when in doubt, ask the neighbours!

Lucky (and unlucky) numbers

Some swear by numerology while others have illogical reasons behind their inclination toward – or against – certain numbers. So much so, that a number can take some houses on the market, out of the running. In western culture, the number seven is widely considered to be lucky, while 13 can bring on bad mojo. Many developers will omit a 13th floor in their condominium buildings to avoid any issues in selling those suites. Address, list price, offer – even a closing date of Friday the 13th can bring on bad vibes.

Feng Shui

The principles of Feng Shui hail from Chinese culture, and focus on the arrangement of your environment to allow for a gentle flow of energy, known as “chi.” Good Feng Shui is thought to promote good health and fortune. Bad Feng Shui in a home can include a staircase facing the front door; a “poison arrow,” when a T intersection or tree is pointed at your front door; or a front door that aligns with a back door, causing chi to rush through and out – along with your luck.

Keep these things in mind, whether you’re selling your home, or just looking for a good scare on Halloween. On the other hand, if you’re a homebuyer who’s willing to overlook superstitions, stigmas and spirits (oh my!), haunted houses, black cats or #13 Elm Street just might offer a real steal of a deal!

courtesy of Remax

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